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  Management Training  

Employee Management
For first line and aspiring managers in all areas of your business. We aim, through a series of two day courses, to cover a range of subjects including recruitment, counselling and coaching, appraisals, presentation skills, management controls and motivation.


One, two, three, four and five day courses with a difference. Our work involves helping people to change, develop and grow both individually and as a team. At some stage in this process a dramatic change in setting can achieve more in a few days than months of more traditional methods. Learning should be fun! Getting away enhances team morale and unity. The outdoors is a great leveller! It helps break through existing company structures and roles, encourages informal communication, intensifies involvement and makes you more aware of yourself and others. Our approach is based on understanding the psychological principles of how people work with, and relate to, one another to achieve goals. Experience shows that this accelerates the whole process of change, laying foundations for future development.

Time Management
This one day course, aimed at managers with staff responsibilities, will enable delegates to organise themselves and their workload.

Areas covered include: how to establish priorities and work to them, how effective delegation can minimise wasted time and how to survive interruptions whilst working under pressure.

Presentation Skills
A two day course designed to enable delegates at all levels to identify their strengths and weaknesses as a presenter. We specialise in the use of visual aids, platform skills and how to handle audience questions. Delegates will increase their self-confidence and ensure that they make the maximum impact with any presentation. Video role play plays a key part in this programme.

Brainstorming, Problem Solving & Mind Mapping
A range of one day courses for Project Leaders and Managers who need to understand the process of effectively and creatively solving problems.

Recruitment, Appraisal & Personnel Procedures
A series of one and two day courses aimed at basic and advanced skill development for those involved in the management of staff.

This one or two day course will enable managers to coach their staff effectively. We will introduce two simple coaching methods to delegates. A large part of the course will be experiential and by the end managers will be more confident in their ability to coach individuals.

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