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  Interpersonal Training  

A series of one and two day courses designed to help delegates understand how people transfer information to one another. The courses develop a greater understanding of how facts and feelings are conveyed from one person to another. Using practical, work-related, examples we aim to help delegates develop these skills for their specific job.

Introduction to NLP
A two day course designed to give delegates an insight into the very latest Psychology of Personal Excellence.

NLP for Management
NLP will allow you to tap into your full potential. It is the most powerful and enriched way to communicate successfully with your team, customers and suppliers and create for you a level of achievement previously not thought possible.

Counselling Skills
A course designed to teach you the necessary skills to interact better with colleagues. An experiential course which will help you gain insight into your own personal development.

Trainer Training
A two day course designed to be run either as two consecutive days or for one day with a follow up one month later. Specifically aimed at the technical trainer who wishes to enhance his/her general presentation and training techniques.

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